Appointments: Polite Request

We do appreciate that we are in testing times at the moment and that it is frustrating that procedures are having to change. However, we have a duty of care to our patients and staff and we are doing our very best to keep people as safe as possible, to continue this we need everyone’s cooperation. The sooner that we all comply, the sooner this should pass and we can start returning to business as normal (albeit even more germ aware!). Therefore we politely ask that you adhere to the following:

  • Do not attend the Surgery unless there is no other alternative.
  • Post your repeat prescription requests through the letter box on the front door instead of entering the surgery but use the website or Patient Access where possible.
  • Nominate a pharmacy for us to send your prescriptions to electronically rather than you collecting a paper version from here
  • Do not attend the Surgery for any GP appointment unless specifically requested by the GP. If you have an appointment booked then the GP will call you on or around your appointment time.
  • Only urgent/regular Nurses appointments are continuing, these include dressings, vaccinations, other injections, coils and implants. You will be advised if you are not required to attend.
  • Please remember that our front line staff are under immense pressure at the moment with call volumes doubling and policies and procedures changing daily as well as them feeling at risk every time someone walks into the building. They are a group of amazing ladies and deserve absolute respect. Therefore, we will not tolerate rudeness, violence or aggressive behavior. Everything that is being done is to minimize the risk to our patients and staff.
  • Finally, if you have a cough, fever or any other cold/flu like symptoms do NOT come to the Surgery. You need to stay at home, rest, fluids and paracetamol, if you are not improving after 7 days then call 111. Do not risk the lives of others.