Wuhan Novel Coronavirus – Primary Care Guidance

Main principles

Identify potential cases as soon as possible

Ask staff to ask patients who are booking urgent appointments for respiratory conditions:

Have you in the 14 days before the onset of illness:
Travelled to Wuhan, Hubei Province, China?
Had contact with a confirmed case of WN-CoV

Prevent potential transmission of infection to other patients and staff

  • If they fit the definition of WN-CoV:
    • Ask the patient to stay at home
    • Clinician to ring PHE
  • Where a patient arrives to the surgery and is identified as meeting the case definition the patient should be immediately isolated and questions asked via a telephone

Avoid direct physical contact, including physical examination, and exposures to respiratory secretions

  • Provide them with a surgical mask to wear while walking to the isolation room
  • Staff members should not have direct contact with the patient and their respiratory secretions
  • Record the details of any staff member or member of public who has been in the same area as the patient i.e. reception or waiting room

Isolate the patient, obtain specialist advice and determine if the patient is at risk of WN-CoV infection, and inform the local Health Protection Team (HPT) on 03442253861 Option 2

Currently, if WN-CoV infection is seen in the UK, it is most likely to occur in travellers that have recently returned from Wuhan city in China. Therefore, an accurate travel history is a key part of identifying potential risk. PHE guidance for advice on when investigations for WN-CoV are indicated.

It is important to note the interim guidance for primary Care focuses on avoidance of contact and does not mention the wearing of PPE.

Further guidance can be found: www.gov.uk

All practices should have an isolation kit available; we suggest that it includes the following:

  • Surgical mask with IIR rating
  • Visor of goggles
  • Thumb loop or surgical gowns
  • Disposable gloves
  • Clinical waste bags
  • Spills kit
  • Detergent and Chlorine based cleaning product (Sanichlor or Actichlor plus)

If you feel that you meet the description below please ring the practice on 01264 361424
BEFORE entering the practice.